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weddings , 25/11/2017

A Tanglewood Estate Wedding


Man. First. Follow directions. Tanglewood Estate is gorgeous, but kinda nestled away in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula. It’s easy to find. Provided you ignore your GPS. Secondly, it’s worth the drive. Down a long and winding road that kinda feels straight out of a half decent 70s horror flick. But it’s a great place to surround yourself with those you love the most, and celebrate. So that’s what Clair and James did. There was a lot that made the day special. Clair’s handmade dress. Designed and made by her mum. The history behind the car. Jame’s hair. Other things – it was crazy windy, but the ceremony was moved indoors quite effortlessly. Well, seemed effortless to me, but I was just running round taking pictures. Speaking of pictures, the street photographer in me is quietly a tiny bit proud of the second black and white image. Of course, the perfectionist in me is hoping no-one notices the not quite perfect join in one of the panoramic stich jobs. But I’ll leave that for you to find…

So, yes. Clair and James got married. There were epic speeches. Much dancing. Oh, the dancing. Toasts were drunk. Hands were held, and hugs were plentiful. The day never felt solemn, but always felt special. Yeah, the wind was wild. But looking back, that seems only appropriate.

Wedding speeches at Tanglewood Estate

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