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Man, we are spoiled for beauty in Victoria. If you want to get right out of the city, you can drive an hour in almost any direction and find beauty and happiness. Well, hello Yarra Valley! I love taking the kids out to Healesville during the school holidays and having a wander through the sanctuary. And of course, if you are planning a wedding, there are one or two spots to choose from in the lovely Yarra Valley. Some nestled in the ranges, one or two boldly perched atop a hill. I’ve photographed in a ton of places in and around the area. So here it is – a list of my ten favourite Yarra Valley wedding venues. In no order whatsoever :) If you don’t plan on heading out into the wilds of Victoria, you can head to this post for a list of some of my favourite Melbourne CBD venues.


I love this place. The word rustic is horribly overused nowadays, but it just kinda fits here. The owners staff are amazing – it’s like having a huge meal in a country kitchen, with all the hospitality that implies. If you get time (and you should really try to plan for it) they will take you to the farm lands next door, where you can get the most wonderful portraits as the sun starts to set. Plus, deer. It’s just a lovely and relaxed venue. Have a look here for a wedding I shot at Gum Gully. Check it out here: Gum Gully Farm


Immerse is a fantastic kinda all in one venue. Extensive grounds, a small but quite lovely chapel, a relaxed and friendly space for dining, cabins if you want to stay the night or get ready there. Oh, and if you take a couple of minutes to drive up the hill, a truly stunning view of the Yarra Valley. Check it out here: Immerse


I’ve shot here a lot. In all kinds of light and weather. It’s fantastically relaxed. It’s a small estate nestled in the Kangaroo Grounds, with a tiny (really!) ivy covered chapel, and a easy walk around the lake, shooting portraits as you go. It’s not the biggest venue, but there’s a huge fireplace and an amazingly warm atmosphere to match. It’s laid back, comfortable and welcoming. I shot Martyna and Phil’s wedding here, if you want to see more. Check it out here: Inglewood Estate Wedding photo by shed at Inglewood Estate


Go down a long drive way. Keep going. Then up a hill, about halfway. Find a sweet little restaurant nestled amongst the vines. With a lawn overlooking the valley, and a propensity for absolutely drop dead sunsets. That’s Vines OF The Yarra Valley. Check it out here: Vines Of The Yarra Valley Wedding portrait in the vines at vines of the yarra valley First dance shot, bride and groom laughing, vines of the yarra valley wedding


Right on the crest of a hill, Riverstone has an imposing view of the valley, an and staff who are really happy to ferry you down to the nearby river if you feel so inclined. It’s also a place that takes food and wine pretty damn seriously. It’s a working winery, with a great range. I came away from the first wedding I shot there with a brilliant rosé – this didn’t affect my opinion of the place at all :) The view really is one of the best around, and with a wrap around deck, its perfect for a lazy indoor/outdoor summer’s wedding. Check it out here: Riverstone


Stones is cool. In… a slightly imposing way. It’s quite lovely, and the Barn and the Stables both have their own unique atmosphere. It’s another venue where the food is really quite special, and despite its grand style, everyone is made to feel very welcome. One of my favourite weddings at Stones was Kate and Sam’s NYE bash, where the dancing swept right out of the Barn and onto the verandah – ’twas a special night indeed. Sharlette & Toby got hitched there as well. The staff are amazing – the place runs like clockwork, and there are a multitude of cool spots to wander to for a quick portrait session. Check it out here: Stones Of The Yarra Valley


The Farm is awesome. It’s always a brilliant vibe out there. Most people have the ceremony there – on the lawn or in front of the barn, so that their guests can hang out and have fun while we go for a wander and shoot some portraits. It’s also a functioning winery and (far more importantly) brewery.  They have a small but beautifully formed veggie patch (doubles as amazing portrait backdrop, just quietly) or you can wander down to the river, assuming you’re wearing practical shoes :). It’s fun. The beer is great. The images below are from Gabrielle and Jared’s drop dead gorgeous day. Check it out here: The Farm


Yering Farm is just down the road from Stones Of The Yarra. It’s also pretty much the polar opposite. In a good way – weathered and warm where Stones is stylish and imposing, small and intimate. Actually, tin shed is probably a fair description. But that really undersells it’s charm. It’s cool. It’s cosy. The rolling hills and vines are lovely. It’s one of those spots where the light is always coming from the right direction. I dig it. It’s beautifully unassuming, and beautiful as a result. Check it out here: Yering Farm


OK, so I’m cheating slightly here. Wandin Park is a bit more out in the country than the Yarra Valley. But it’s cool. The Homestead is a beautiful place to stay, which is always great for the bride and groom, and the barn is amazing. All exposed wood beams and iron, opening out at one side to a massive deck overlooking the nearby valley. It’s a brilliant space to set up a bar, lay on some food trucks (Let me hear you say tacos!) and let your guests relax and have fun.There’s a sweet garden at the front of the homestead for your ceremony, and extensive grounds to have a wander through. Plus, you can park your horse there too. Check it out here: Wandin Park Estate


Zonzo. Timber and corrugated iron. Vines and hills. The Barrel Room is definitely one of the coolest spots to host a wedding ceremony in the valley – loving both backlighting and perfectly symmetrical compositions, as I do, it really appeals to me. There’s tons of tables and space outside for those long summer days. But really, it’s all about the pizza. Woodfired. Crispy yet pliable. so fine. It’s a place for sharing – food, wine, friendship. You can see the full story of Angela and Jonathan’s Zonzo wedding here. And pizza. Did I mention pizza? Check it out here: Zonzo  
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