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This was personal.

Well, every wedding I shoot is personal, no doubt about it. But Jane and Alex’s wedding day resonated with me, for a simple reason.

Edie and Milly. Two beautiful girls. Edie is… so fantastically self contained. So imaginative. So filled with love, laughter. Cheeky as all get out. Milly – well, she is just a tiny baby. Her needs and wants are sometimes too much for her chubby little body to contain. Her inquisitiveness is boundless. Her eyes… always filled with wonder.

Sure, this was their wedding day. Family and friends were there. There were speeches. Ceremonies. All the stuff.

But the whole day, it felt like… like Jane and Alex were planning a big out out. With the kids. Had to keep them busy. Set aside times for feeding. Pack their bags, keep them happy. I know these things so well.

It wasn’t that the day was about the kids, not at all. It was just… well, you can’t put your own children aside for a day to do something. It doesn’t work like that. They will be there, and when you are a parent, it’s the children you are thinking about, not yourselves.

Even on your wedding day. That’s how it is.

This is Jane and Alex’s wedding day. Edie and Milly were a big part of it. This is a story about the four of them.

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MillyEdieEdie,in a big hatPrep shotMumGetting ready for the weddingIn the gardenAlex and millyPrep stuffThe dress and a daisyJane and champagneMilly getting dressedMilly againThe chapel at montsalvatJane and edie in the chapel Two friends outside the chapelMaking their entranceJane in the chapelmontsalvat wedding photographyAt monsalvatmontsalvat wedding photographymontsalvat wedding photographymontsalvat wedding photographyJane, edie, pram and chapelJane and alex outside the chapel at montsalvatWedding photography from montsalvat


Murray Collison
21:32 March 2, 2013

Captured the love so beautifully. Love truly makes families go round. Love from your Mum.

don barrington
21:59 March 2, 2013

epic moments! wow. great coverage. :D

Dean Jones
23:01 March 2, 2013

Very nice work, you have caught the day so well. I bet they are very pleased.

Mel Norris
00:58 March 3, 2013


Kaye Carroll
11:41 March 3, 2013

Beautiful words and so true D arin

11:47 March 3, 2013

All those little kiddos! So cute, I can't stand it. Also, LOVE the dress shot with the flower. Great detail. SUCH gorgeous light in all of these. Especially the flower girls in the sun outside the church. LOVE!

14:10 March 3, 2013

The love for their children is so incredibly beautiful! You captured an amazing wedding.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett
14:32 March 3, 2013

Those little girls are just adorable. I love how your images told the story of their relationships with their families. Beautiful.

Mark Pacura
20:47 March 3, 2013

Beautiful set of photos. So many unique moments. Great work.

Kaye Carroll
21:52 March 3, 2013

I love your work Darin. You told the story of the wedding beautifully. I am a little biased as I am the bride's mother, but I thought it was a beautiful day.

Tim and Geri Carroll
22:43 March 3, 2013

Beautifully photographed Wedding. A wonderful day, artistically captured. We really enoyed sharing this special day. Love Tim, Geri, Tommy & Alex xoxox

04:11 March 4, 2013

Stunning! the way you capture light is brilliant!

05:33 March 4, 2013

absolutely gorgeous coverage Darin, seriously you rocked this wedding. i love their first portrait with the church in the background, gorgeous stuff!

Sarah Rominger
15:18 March 4, 2013

Such wonderful story telling taking place here. BEAUTIFUL work!

17:31 March 4, 2013

uh-mazing. the light is so gorgeously captured throughout. so GOOD!

Alizon Jones
17:39 March 4, 2013

A wonderful day for family and friends. So full of love. And captured with absolute perfection in both words and photographs by the very talented Darin. Incredible. Magical. Ours.

Gemma Williams
19:06 March 4, 2013

Gorgeous! Love those children, so cute. Beautiful photographs of a lovely day.

Priya Patel
02:29 March 5, 2013

Gorgeous shots and storytelling! I especially love all the getting ready shots with their beautiful kids.

09:07 March 5, 2013

Darin! I love everything about this wedding. The shot of their exit from the church is so nice and those kids! Oh my goodness, they're adorable.

04:43 March 6, 2013

WOW. those church images are stunning. love the one of the two girls out front.

05:21 March 8, 2013

Great write-up and heartwarming photography Darin - fantastic stuff!

Derek Martinez
03:29 April 27, 2013

Such an amazing wedding! You captured their beautiful and emotional day perfectly.


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