emily & jules | trenavin chapel wedding


Weddings, of course, don’t always go to plan. That’s a given.

Emily and Jules’ wedding, though, you have to say went off without a hitch. From their perspective, anyway. I loved being there to shoot it – Emily’s energy, Jules’ charm, gorgeous weather, so much music, great food. It was a stunning day – intensely emotional, but never solemn.

Still, weddings don’t always go to plan. My plan, in this case. My plan to grab Emily and Jules just before sunset, to take some portraits in the olive grove out the back. It didn’t happen.

They were having too much fun.

So, there are no sunset portraits in an olive grove. Just kids having fun. Some dancing. Singing. Some tears. Much laughter. A French and Australian union. A sun drenched day.

16:22 July 1, 2013

Wonderful wedding coverage! Love the shot with the kid and the sunglasses :)

kong wai
16:22 July 1, 2013

such a beautiful wedding, many beautiful photos

Veronica Varos
01:56 July 2, 2013

I love this set! What a beautiful wedding!

03:59 July 2, 2013

That´s some beautifully framed shots of the couple getting ready! I also like the light in the church; the shots look brilliant both in black-and-white and in color. And what a filmatically elegant party!

Hilary Mercer
04:08 July 2, 2013

I always love kids at weddings. I love the ones you captured here. :)

Darren Gair
06:53 July 2, 2013

loved going through these, amazing throughout...

Mary Sylvia
07:58 July 2, 2013

Man the light you found in the black and whites inside the church is fantastic stuff.

Jonathan David
11:47 July 2, 2013

Whoa... absolutely mesmerised by that image of the bride walking up the stairs! Gorgeous work Darin!

23:05 July 2, 2013

Absolutely amazing coverage... Wow! Iconic yet genuine... Truly unique and beautiful in every way!

Sachin Khona
04:55 July 3, 2013

Love your style!

benj haisch
07:00 July 3, 2013

SUCH good light throughout.

20:50 July 8, 2013

All of the above!

11:57 July 11, 2013

What a lovely, lovely artful wedding! I really enjoyed how you portrayed people other than the bride and groom as well as the couple, and how you mixed those photos in to tell the complete story of their day. A few faves: the bw ceremony image with the bridal party towards the bottom of the frame and the wide shot at the end of the toasts.

11:51 July 24, 2013

Very nice photos. Your photography is excellent.

Joseph Hall
03:45 August 3, 2013

Really strong portraits here - a lovely wedding day captured perfectly!


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