fiona & dan | the barn at the briars wedding


I posted a preview of this day a few weeks ago. I tried to express how I felt after shooting Fiona and Dan’s wedding day. How we wanted one thing, but kinda got another.

Because it didn’t just rain.

It stormed. Like there was no tomorrow.

Like another Ark was gonna be needed.

And our plans and ideas went out the window.

But as I drove home from this wedding day, I felt… enormously satisfied. Like somehow, the weather was just a part of their day. A part that may have messed up our plans of glorious, sun-drenched silhouettes, but a part that just brought everyone and everything together.

And yes, there was rain. But there was also beer, and pizza. There was so much laughter. There were… pretty big height differences. There were children, happy, sad, and everything in between. There was dancing, and heartfelt speeches. Sparklers came out. The music drowned out the rain on the tin roof.

Like it was just a part of the story. Fiona and Dan’s wedding day.

It was… an incredible day.Makeup, the brideBridesmaid getting readyFiona. Awesome eyes. Getting readyBridal prep, closeupsBridesmaids, having fun, preparation shotFiona's mum's houseShoesFiona's mum, deep in thoughtThe dress, in a window at her mum'sBlack and white dress shotA pensive momentAnd a really big hugBride getting dressedGetting dressed - shot in the mirrorFormal, bride and flowersThe Barn at Mt Martha is awesomeBeautifulCool page boyDan. Looking sharp.So many gorgeous detailsOld photographs, tin wall. loveThe barn, Mt Martha, crowd shotnearly timePageboy, flowergirl making their entranceHere comes the bride.Take my flowers pleaseThat's the lookCeremony at the Barn, Briars, Mt MarthaBride and groom at the Barn, the Briars, Mt MarthaCeremony, crowd shot, the BriarsClose up, bride, ceremony, Mt MarthaThe groom really means itWedding ceremony at Mt Martha the BriarsAwesome exit shotVery very sad flowergirlFormal shot, the Barn at the BriarsIts an old shedbricks and bridesand groomsBig old sweeping wide shot at the BriarsPizza and beer in the Barn, the BriarsShe's so not happyAt the bar, the Briars, Mt Marthaoutside detailit was really really pretty wetstormy tree shot, the BriarsWedding details, the Briars, Mt Marthaold camerascool sky at the briarsformal shot, with camerasCool imageMan the Barn at the Briars, Mt Martha, looks awesomeThey make a beautiful coupleWedding photography, the barn at the BriarsRunning boys at the BarnSpeeches, crowd shotsMore crowd stuff - love this venueLet's danceWedding photography at the briars, first dance

Heather K
12:34 February 13, 2012

I love how, even in your portraits, your composition tells the story of the person related to the surroundings. I feel like I belong with the person, experiencing what they are experiencing. Wonderful wonderful work.

Kellee Walsh
13:01 February 13, 2012

Amazing Darin! She looks gorgeous! Love the shot of the groom holding the umbrella. Wow.

13:49 February 13, 2012

It actually must have been nice seeing the rain hit the prospects of the roof from inside. There's something romantic about that. Great story here, nice work.

Heather Parker
14:49 February 13, 2012

Looking at your set of photos makes me feel like I was at this wedding. You have such a talent for documenting these beautiful weddings!

Kristy Bradford
22:04 February 13, 2012

I love how you have told their story in pictures. Rain, who cares! No one there by the look of it :)

Leah Kua
23:32 February 13, 2012

I couldn't imagine this wedding being any more perfect. Beautiful..... EVERYTHING!

00:07 February 14, 2012

Looks like an absolute blast!!

00:43 February 14, 2012

Beautiful story telling, and awe inspiring work. Seriously well done!

02:50 February 14, 2012

beautiful beautiful coverage

Sam Gibson
05:25 February 14, 2012

Really great set. I love the tones particularly - it all feels really natural and earthy. Great stuff!

Amber Wilkie
07:09 February 14, 2012

Gorgeous work! It looks like such a sweet, intimate wedding. You definitely captured the atmosphere.

Indra King
13:51 February 15, 2012

Ahhh Darin, this makes me so excited for you to photograph my wedding day!! 10 long months to go! These are stunning!!

11:28 February 18, 2012

Darin, been following your work, great stuff!

03:27 February 24, 2012

I really love this tones, totally film.

03:04 March 4, 2012

Awesome wedding well captured! These are awesome! I love the details as well!

09:42 March 7, 2012

Beautiful wedding and love all the emotions you captured Darin!

15:29 May 8, 2012

Gorgeous work!! I love everything about this wedding. They look so happy!

12:49 May 25, 2012

Just wondering where the location of this wedding is? The shed they held it in is beautiful and a friend of mine is looking for something just like this.


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