jodie & nick | ripponlea estate wedding

weddings , 26/09/2012

Alright, so my last post was the first day of spring. And this is the last wedding I shot in winter. It just happened that way, blogging wise. Have to say, this was a pretty amazing way to see out a season. Light-wise, weather-wise, we got a little bit of everything.

But it was one of those days where everywhere I pointed the camera, the emotion, the feeling of the day was right there. It was fun. It was… intense. It was pretty damn beautiful. Jodie and Nick are a couple that put it all on the table.

And then go dancing.

I’m looking forward to warmer times. But I won’t forget this day.

Live. Laugh. Love.

For sure.

22:53 September 26, 2012

Wow. These are stunningly beautiful. Amazing job, well done.

01:46 September 27, 2012

Such wonderful coverage of the day. The portrait of them in the forest is my favorite. Great work!

Lem Lynch
01:58 September 27, 2012

Beautiful photos! You do an amazing job with your composition.

02:16 September 27, 2012

Fantastic work Darin. Some amazing portraits, great coverage and lovely details. Good job, looks like a fab wedding too.

04:03 September 27, 2012

im a sucker for a winter wedding, and this is absolutely beautiful! but the shot of the couple walking away in b&w with her vail flowing, STUNNING

Natalie Champa Jennings
04:55 September 27, 2012

I really like the outdoor portraits of bride and groom. Great light.

05:42 September 27, 2012

beautiful work, really emotive and lovely processing.

Leah Muse
06:27 September 27, 2012

Wow, there are some super stunning photographs in this collection. Seriously great.

Dennis Pike
06:45 September 27, 2012

Lovely images, and great use of light. Love the portraits

06:55 September 27, 2012

Beautiful wedding! The bride is stunning as is the groom.

07:43 September 27, 2012

Wow the light is absolutely gorgeous, shows off the lovely bride and groom so well!

sachin khona
14:50 September 27, 2012

The shot of the couple walking away with the veil flying is an amazing shot!! Awesome job Darin!

Matthew Mead
15:50 September 27, 2012

Simple, timeless and nothing but awesomness. I love these and im sure they do too!

16:41 September 27, 2012

Stunning shots, you did a great job!

benj haisch
08:27 September 28, 2012

dang. these are good. and do they model in their spare time or something?!

stacy squires
04:10 October 3, 2012

very cooool!!!! :)

18:49 November 2, 2012

Super work Darin!

09:23 January 29, 2013

Gorgeous wedding! Love all the emotions you captured and your portraits are lovely!

Dav Hughes
20:44 February 12, 2013

Beautiful compositions. Beautiful work. Dav


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