kate & sam | 2012 nye | stones of the yarra valley wedding


I spent New Year’s Eve pretty much as I spent 2012, appropriately enough.

At a wedding.

It felt just right. New Year’s Eve should be spent in the company of friends. Celebrating love.

With one hell of a party.

Congratulations, Kate & Sam. Thank you. Happy New Year.Boys playing boulesring shotMum and daughter. Black and white.The bride. The dress. Getting ready in Healesville.Mirror. Dress. Bride and bridesmaids.Kate. A portrait.Stones of the Yarra. Mingling.At Stones Of the Yarra. Dealing with nervesThe groom - he is excited.Kate arrives at Stones of the Yarra for her weddingSam sees Kate for the first time. In the Chapel at Stones of the YarraGetting married. Holding handsWideangle view of the chapel at Stones of the YarraIntenseAnd they kiss!Confetti after the wedding. Outside the chapel at Stones of the YarraB&W portraitBeautiful couple. Gorgeous light.Stones of the Yarra. Kate and Sam. Panorific.Stones of the Yarra. Sunset. Kate & SamAt least three generations were at Stones of the YarraDancingKate and Sam. Yarra Valley in the backgroundStones of the Yarra. Nice room.Speech time.Party timeEverybody has a cameraKate dances HARDAs did everyoneSparklers at Stones of the YarraMidnight at Stones of the Yarra, NYE 2012

Love, baby. NYE, Stones of the YarraNye. Midnight at Stones of the Yarra, NYE 2012. Very last shot. Happy

Eduardo Suastegui
14:25 January 1, 2013

Wonderful light play!

Ross Harvey
21:23 January 1, 2013

LOVE the shots in the church! Last frame is killer too

01:56 January 2, 2013

LOVE the one when they came out of the church and the rose petals are in the air!

sarah der!
02:07 January 2, 2013

Here is what I most love about these photos: it seems like you captured the most fleeting of moments, you know? Tiny little things, and all your photos are just the most perfect bits of time--either the tiniest of gestures or a moment at the height of emotion or the exact best bit of movement. I can't explain. But I love it.

04:05 January 2, 2013

Great set, love the black and white of the bridge and groom kissing. Pretty sweet pano too. Wonderful job!

Cheryl Priest
06:55 January 2, 2013

Just stunning! You look so happy and beautiful together.

Zoe Fink Make up Artist
07:20 January 2, 2013

Unbelievable! Just stunning! xx

Jenny Diab
07:39 January 2, 2013

You make a beautiful bride and a simply gorgeous couple xxx

Tina Allington
08:41 January 2, 2013

Wow! So beautiful in every way. Congrats x

Clive Parkin
10:01 January 2, 2013

What a great night. Kit and I are now reflecting on it at her Mum's... Thanks again for a wonderful experience and one of the best NY's ever!

Cath Mitchell
10:41 January 2, 2013

What Incredible photos. wow. x

Jasmine Watterson
10:46 January 2, 2013

Incredibly beautiful images of an incredibly beautiful couple celebrating an incredibly beautiful life event. Thanks for sharing! Xox

14:41 January 2, 2013

Amazing! Love that mirror reflection shot!

Stewart McKay
19:03 January 2, 2013

Wonderful... love the light painting shots... they will add some spark to the album that's for sure! Thanks for sharing.

John Layton
20:53 January 2, 2013

Very happy for you and Sam Iser, Kathryn.

Mary Sylvia
23:30 January 2, 2013

Dude. That is all.

Kari Bellamy
23:35 January 2, 2013

Love that light painting shot at the end!! That is just a perfect frame!

02:35 January 3, 2013

Duuuuuude!! That is some amazing work! Love your light work.

16:33 January 3, 2013

Absolutely fabulous wedding. I love your work :)

Sam Gibson
20:53 January 3, 2013

Great work Darin. So many memorable moments and incredible images. Really top notch :)

Geoff O'Neill
09:14 January 4, 2013

Best New Year's for sure. So beautiful.

Kate Iser
10:38 January 7, 2013

Thank you for your lovely comments; we had the most incredible day of our lives. Darin, these photos really capture the intensely emotional experience that Sam and I felt. Thank you so much!

Romeo Oh Romeo
18:07 March 13, 2013

Happy wedding Ms Iser, see you in English.


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