kim & kane. a mt eliza wedding


Kim & Kane stopped their ceremony halfway through. Had a quick Pimms. Then followed their guests down a winding path to the beach. To their bathing box, to be precise. They finished the formalities there, bathed in sunshine. The dress was blue. The car was… smiling. The grown ups wore paper hats. The children knew all the dance moves.

It was that kind of a day.

This is Kim and Kane’s wedding.
Glasses. Close upGetting readyBride's house in mt elizathe dress. it's bluemorris minor. fastrandom barbiesshooby dooby doobride shot

Richard Grainger
20:28 December 5, 2012

Lovely story! The photos of the ceremony, as well as the bride and groom on the beach are absolutely stunning. Well done Darin.

02:37 December 6, 2012

really amazing work. the shot with the bird is pure gold.

02:51 December 6, 2012

awesome story telling work here!

Leah Muse
03:09 December 6, 2012

Absolutely love this day and the couple. The sunlight and everything.. beautiful.

Stephen Rotondo
04:57 December 6, 2012

Wow, I'd love a beach wedding, this looks gorgeous. The details you've captured and the way you've told the story through your images is great - I love your stuff Darin, just beautiful.

Tom Koetting
06:35 December 6, 2012

I want Barbie rings too! Darin, you're a great wedding photographer. This day looks filled with many challenges and you prevailed. Be proud.

07:11 December 6, 2012

I LOVE this wedding! Her dress, the beach, the Barbies, the hats, your photography... all perfection!

Amanda Basteen
07:58 December 6, 2012

Beautiful, I love all the shots with the beautiful sky.

10:06 December 6, 2012

looks like a really unique and fun wedding! Great job!

Ric Latham
11:56 December 6, 2012

Great work, love the paper hats!

Koren Harvey - Marriage Celebrant
19:06 December 6, 2012

Darin, this is story-telling at its best. It looks like a fantastic day. I want to go to a wedding where Peter Combe is the singer!

20:18 December 6, 2012

The couple shot with the seagull in the middle. Genius! Love it :D

00:00 December 7, 2012

Excellent work, start to finish. Well done.

Fay Williams
21:43 December 7, 2012

Very lovely Kim & Kane, it was such a lovely wedding & I think every one enjoyed them self.

00:05 December 8, 2012

stellar work. i love that her dress is blue. Really nice composition and story telling

justin lee
07:15 December 8, 2012

love that they made sailor boat hats :) these photos are great!

15:11 January 9, 2013

beautiful photos, and i love the blue dress!


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