lauren & mark | stillwater at crittenden wedding


Lauren and Mark had a completely perfect wedding.

Apart from a spot of rain. And by a spot, I mean stupendously torrential rain.

But in Melbourne, when it rains, you get a few moments when the rain eases. The sun breaks through the storm clouds. It feels… like a stolen moment. Like a surreal backdrop. It always makes me pause, and usually makes me wish I had a camera with me.

When Lauren and Mark got married, it poured alright.

But for those few moments, when Lauren was crossing the field on her way to her wedding, the storm took a breath.

Paused a moment. And the sun shone, just briefly.

This time, I did have my camera.

Cat Lee
06:26 June 6, 2013

Great photography as usual Daren!

don barrington
14:48 June 6, 2013

stellar job darin. ;)

David McNeil
16:47 June 6, 2013

some of the moments you captured are very special :)

18:35 June 6, 2013

Nice work dude!

19:22 June 6, 2013

Great work Darin!

Thomas Steibl
00:48 June 7, 2013

Hey Darin! You did a marvelous job. I like your storytelling a lot. You captured all this precious moments perfectly.

Dominique / York Place Studios
01:23 June 7, 2013

Gorgeous photography, there is a beautiful tone to these. Very soft and pretty.

01:26 June 7, 2013

really enjoyed this wedding! Love all the little details and great expressions!

Albert Palmer
03:17 June 7, 2013

Love the image of the bridesmaids in the distance walking up the stairs - great framing!

05:27 June 7, 2013

Oh his reaction to her walking down the aisle is wonderful. Love your attention to detail (the BW with the umbrella!) and storytelling

06:00 June 7, 2013

Oh I just love rainy weddings. So glad you had your camera to capture that light!

Ross Harvey
07:28 June 7, 2013

Some cracking shots in there! Love it. Especially the peeping bride.

Mary Sylvia
13:13 June 7, 2013

Dayam. I was looking through these all 'I LOVE the getting ready shots here!" then all 'but dang, the ceremony shots are awesome!' then by portraits, I just love everything about this post. You're an awesome photographer.

mathias fast
15:00 June 7, 2013

each one of these is so unique. so so good

Sachin Khona
17:59 June 7, 2013

Awesome!! Awesome!!

18:32 June 7, 2013

Your perspective and framing is really wonderful. Beautifully captured!

Joseph Hall
03:46 August 3, 2013

Again, awesome photos - keep up the great work!


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