marieke & luke | boyd baker house wedding


It would be easy to say that this was epic.

But that wouldn’t be right. It would kind of dismiss the effort and thought that was put in. It wasn’t about scale.

It was about intimacy. It was about making everyone there feel involved. About inclusiveness. It was celebratory, yeah – but deeply personal.

I guess it should have been kind of a high pressure day for me. You know – shooting friends who are also wedding photographers. It never felt like that. It felt like I was a guest. With a camera. Charged with capturing the day for them.

This is Marieke and Luke’s wedding. Epic? Maybe. Amazing? Sure. Beautiful? No doubt.



Boyd Bake House signIts an old gas bowserLuke. At the Boyd Baker HouseMud pies, obviouslyLuke again. At the Boyd Baker HouseIroning and stuffThumbs upYep. The bride looks amazingMakeup at Boyd Baker HouseBoyd Baker House. SilhouetteLipstick applicationMarieke at Boyd Baker HousePregnant. GorgeousDetails from Boyd Baker HouseAmazing flowergirl Bridesmaids at Boyd Baker HouseMarieke at Boyd Baker HouseThe boys at Boyd Baker HouseLuke aloneGroom. Bottles. BackgroundAisle shot. Boyd Baker HouseThe bride. Emotional. LovelyWedding ceremony at Boyd Baker HouseWedding photography from Boyd Baker HouseWedding ceremony from Boyd Baker HouseVery happy flowergirlFunnessBoyd Baker House wedding. Ring shotBoyd Baker House. The kissPageboys at Boyd Baker House for a weddingDon't forget the ringHe didn'tPage boy, bottlesRing the bell! Wedding photography at Boyd Baker HouseCongratulationsMoustache? What moustache?There will be ZorbaNice moment. Boyd Baker HouseWedding photography from Boyd Baker HouseBridal shot. Wedding at the Boyd Baker HouseKung Fu FightingSit, boy!Boys at the Boyd Baker HouseGirls at the Boyd Baker HouseWedding photography at Boyd Baker HouseEpic portrait. Wedding photography at Boyd Baker HouseGorgeous lightEven better light. WhoaFlower shotArrival. Wedding at Boyd Baker HouseThe band at the Boyd Baker HouseFairy lights at the Boyd Baker HouseYou talkin to me?A momentHappy flowergirl at a Boyd Baker House weddingSpeeches. Wedding photography from the Boyd Baker HouseGotcha!Cake for the weddingFat happy dogWedding photography from Boyd Baker House. SpeechesWedding photography from the Boyd Baker House. Time to go

22:19 January 16, 2013

Wow! This really is epic! Almost unreal! What fabulous images!

Heather K
02:07 January 17, 2013

I adore everything about this wedding. The little details, the intense emotion, the setting... you truly left me breathless with your gorgeous and heartfelt work. You make me want to linger over each shot. Incredible work here, Darin.

02:17 January 17, 2013

Fantastic set of photos. Love your editing, tones etc.

02:28 January 17, 2013

This wedding looked amazing. Just the intimacy you caught throughout the day was great. Everything felt so natural.

Margaret Carrangis
08:25 January 17, 2013


09:56 January 17, 2013

These are incredible, Darin - 'kinda long' yes, but worth every minute of the time I spent scrolling through. Love the intimacy of these pics, especially the gorgeous shots of the kiddies, and the b+g in the field. Simply gorgeous!

15:34 January 17, 2013

this wedding has style for days! I'm in love with the bridal portraits.. great work.

15:37 January 17, 2013

Oh, gosh, the portraits are "stop you in your tracks" gorgeous, so beautifully done! What a beautiful wedding.

15:40 January 17, 2013

Dude, seriously amazing work. You see light in a really impressive way!

Chihiro Maruo
17:27 January 17, 2013

I found me!

18:48 January 17, 2013

Excuse me, this is unbelievable!!! I honestly couldn't pick a favourite from these, they're all insane!

19:04 January 17, 2013

Ohhh! What a beautiful wedding! Your images are also ridiculously gorgeous - great work!

19:50 January 17, 2013

this is a stunning wedding...and your work really captures the awesomeness of it! Very well done my friend

megan noonan
00:12 January 18, 2013

Haha! The fighting scene is so great! The whole set is rad!

Christine Christopoulos
07:14 January 18, 2013

Beautiful photography and a great wedding!

10:27 January 18, 2013

wow! I really like their wedding details! Also that 2nd couples shot of them in the field is super rad!

Renee Blake
21:07 January 18, 2013

love can be felt thru these couldnt help but cry Xxx happy tears

Mario colli
22:48 January 19, 2013

There is a lot of great stuff here.. Beautiful imagery

David Campbell
12:37 January 21, 2013

I love everything about this wedding. Amazing work Darin!

Gautam Narayanan
22:31 January 23, 2013

These are epic, beautiful, fantastic etc etc...

vestuviu fotografas
19:54 January 26, 2013

Nice night shots! :) You know how to play with light for sure... ;)

Rob Dodsworth
08:22 January 27, 2013

Nothing short of excellence! This is a cracking set. Your images jump off the screen. The bridal portraits and couple shots are really elegant! And how cute is that little girl?

Emily Clare Haydon
01:08 February 8, 2013

I cried too. What is wrong with us!?

10:21 March 5, 2013

Phenomenal wedding, you really captured their day and told their story beautifully!

Jill Mackenzie
21:52 March 20, 2013

Just great. Certainly worth all those flowers & wine in our garage. Nice to see them!


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