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Martyna & Phil got married at Inglewood Estate, Kangeroo Ground. Somewhat excellently, Phil was described as the white sheep of the family. Martyna… well, Martyna and her parents were constantly right on the edge of letting their emotions overcome them.

It was a pretty simple day. Get married. Go for a stroll. Take some pictures.

Their celebrant was Father Terry Keane. Lovely old bloke. Hasn’t changed a bit, as far as I could tell.

He looks exactly the same as when he conducted another wedding, fourteen years ago. My wife and I, in fact. Pretty good omen, I reckon.

Getting readyMakeup shot, B&WFlowergirls and shoes and cuteness oh my!Bride. Dress. Getting readyEveryone gets a shot of the cutenessSometimes, dad's need a little help tooMakeup againThe dress shot.And getting dressed. At last!Martyna and her mum. A momentMartyna is really quite lovelyTold you they got emotionalA happy shot. Love itPhil at Inglewood. Nervous, but happyGuests aoutside the chapel at Inglewood EstateTime to go inAt Inglewood Estate. Outside the chapel. Martyna arrivesYeah - veil shotWedding photography from Inglewood Estate. Up the aisle.The bridesmaids look onReady to get marriedEverybody has a cameraBeauty and cute. Proud parents looking onI do.Father Terry Keane. Still likes a good laughThe chapel at Inglewood EstateBack down the aisleConfetti and sunlight and love oh my!Inglewood estate wedding photography - the chapelFlowersBride shots - close upsInglewood estate wedding photography - Martyna and Phil Are marriedGet nice light for wedding photography at Inglewood EstateOutside the chapel at Inglewood EstateMaking an entranceVodka ahoy!Wide shot. Close shot.Twilight wedding photography at Inglewood EstateInglewood estate wedding photographycute. And coolDetailsNot at all nervous about his speechMartyna was overcome. It was lovely.Bridesmaid's speeches at Inglewood EstateA final moment at Inglewood Estate.

Kacie Brooks
07:53 January 30, 2013


Emma Gloury
08:20 January 30, 2013

Absolutely lovely

Ros Rickerby
10:57 January 30, 2013

Stunning Marty, absolutely Stunning.......and I adore the green shoes!!!

Samantha Holloway
11:29 January 30, 2013


14:38 January 30, 2013

Wow, you couldn't have captured the day any better. Awesome!

15:40 January 30, 2013

Awesome use of natural lighting, this wedding looks amazing! Loving the TS shot too :)

Paul Fuller
22:01 January 30, 2013

These are just crazy good Darin, such a gorgeous day!

23:26 January 30, 2013

So beautiful! Love the one of the bride emerging from the car and of her walking down the aisle. Lots of tender moments, too.

Steve Koo
01:21 January 31, 2013

Some really nice use of available light here. Great work, Darin!

Julie Van Der Klift
03:44 January 31, 2013

Beautiful. Congratulations :)

Fiona Herman
04:09 January 31, 2013

congratulations Marty, the photos are beautiful, your photographer has done a great job.

04:37 January 31, 2013

wow, you are great with a lens! Great coverage here!

Kelsie Taylor
05:49 January 31, 2013

i'm dying over the bridals gorgeous.

tobiah tayo
06:25 January 31, 2013

Beautiful! That 1st portrait of the bride in her dress looking to the camera - stunning!

10:57 January 31, 2013

Love them Darin! Thank you so much!!

Shipra Panosian
12:52 January 31, 2013

What a gorgeous bride and such beautiful eyes. So many fantastic moments captures in these images!

13:42 February 12, 2013

Darin...what a stunning set of shots. Your work is like fine wine.....just gets more and more amazing as time goes by!

03:05 March 9, 2013

Such an amazing wedding! You captured their beautiful and emotional day perfectly.

11:32 July 2, 2014

Epic shots!


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