michelle & jarrod | the dome, collins st wedding


This was pretty cool.

Well, kinda tricky, too, I guess. Late in the season. Pretty much the darkest wedding ceremony I have ever shot. Jarrod – bless his little cotton socks – totally hates having his photo taken. Not a lot of time for formals, and it was just about after sunset anyway.

None of that matters. This was an awesome day.

Michelle and Jarrod wanted a wedding day that was a celebration. Of themselves. Of their relationship. Of their family and their friends.

They got that – in spades.

And it was one helluva party.

Daniel K Cheung
22:09 August 29, 2011

Best ever bridal party photos EVER! Totally digging your black and whites. Beautiful all round - and especially Michelle & Jarrod.

Anne Marie Carson
22:46 August 29, 2011

I love the last shot. And I have to agree, those bridal party photos are amazing...

02:20 August 30, 2011

Such a beautiful wedding. Love the bridesmaid's dresses.

adam houseman
02:20 August 30, 2011

This is so so good. Like the way you see things Darin. Michelle and Jarrod, you two are stunning.

Sally Watts
02:49 August 30, 2011

I love your use of light. The black and whites, in particular, have some much depth. Beautiful. AWESOME reception images! It looks like this lovely couple really did throw a rockin' party!

04:33 August 30, 2011

Now that's how you party! You did an amazing job documenting their day .

Zach Anderson
06:01 August 30, 2011

Those individual wedding party shots are so good. The light is amazing.

Ryan Chan
06:20 August 30, 2011

very gorgeous wedding. I love that portrait of them in the hallway (#32).

Caroline Ghetes
06:25 August 30, 2011

Okay those bridesmaids dresses are the bomb-diggity. The bride is insanely gorgeous. And who are you?? :) These are amazing.

06:43 August 30, 2011

wow, your black & whites are so strong & beautiful! In love with them. And daaayyuumm what a party.

08:06 August 30, 2011

Had a friend get married in this venue a little while ago. The photos were unimpressive. Having seen YOUR version, Darin, I was awed by the beauty of it! Once again, a magic collection of photos!

Michelle Edmonds
10:01 August 30, 2011

Gorgeous processing, great moments, love it!

Paul Fuller
02:46 August 31, 2011

Absolutely brilliant work, I'm a big fan nice one!

Kat Forsyth
04:50 September 1, 2011

You have a really cool "look" to your photos - not just the processing, but...I don't know, your eye, I guess? Nice!


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