D O N E  D I F F E R E N T L Y

I’m Darin. I’m a Melbourne wedding photographer. I specialise in fine art, documentary wedding photography. I believe wholeheartedly in documenting the entire wedding day, the big moments and, more importantly, the intimate moments. I don’t stand by waiting for the the obvious wedding events – although they are important. I will be there to look for and capture all of the small details, the unexpected encounters and interactions. I want to create images of joy and beauty, images that will reflect your wedding day, not some idealised notion of it, Sure, we will take some time to shoot some portraits, but for most of the day, I will be there, unobtrusively documenting the events of your day. Wedding photography – as I see it – is the art of story telling, not stage managing. I look to find the beauty in events as they unfold.

I will be there when you are getting ready, and I will still be shooting when the formalities are finished and the party is truly underway. I understand that the best images genuinely happen when you least expect them. I will find a way to get to the heart of your wedding. And I will tell the story of your wedding day.

Here is a brief breakdown to the packages I offer.

I’ve written a little bit about how I found myself on this particular path of wedding photography.

To see what I do, have a look through the blog, or click on any of the links below. If you like my approach, please get in touch. I would love to tell your story.