rebecca & josh | duneira estate wedding


When we spoke before the day, Rebecca & Josh described Duneira Estate, in the Macedon Ranges, as a kind of lovely English garden. Growing up, as I did, in London, meant I had certain expectations as to what it would be like.

You know – rose bushes. small, but perfectly manicured hedges. Cucumber sandwiches. I wasn’t expecting a vast, imposing, tranquil estate. It would have been easy to feel dwarfed by the surrounds, or the day could have been dominated by the cold, misting rain.

But the things everyone will remember are Josh’s ready grin. Rebecca’s nervous smile. Kids being kids. And wedding vows that went far, far beyond the norm.

This is how I saw it unfold.

Wedding dress framed by a window at Rebecca's Macedon Ranges weddingBeautiful flower girls getting dressed for a wedding in the Macedon rangesChairs all set up for a wedding at Duneira Estate, Macedon RangesJosh nervously waiting for his bride at their Duneira Estate weddingAmazingly happy smile from Josh as he watches Rebecca walk down the aisleBeautiful flower girls braving the cold mist at a lovely Duneira Estate weddingRebecca and Josh just holding hands during their wedding ceremony at Duneira EstateThe sun breaks through just in time for a backlit wedding portrait in the grounds of Duneira Estate

Mary Sylvia
15:16 September 5, 2014

Wow, seriously beautiful, I just love your processing, it has such an ethereal feel.

22:51 September 5, 2014

Seriously stunning, this is just about one of my favorite "groom looks at bride as she walks down the aisle" pics I've ever seen!

Albert Palmer
01:47 September 6, 2014

Great use of light Darin and I love your processing. Stunning work!

Heather Kanillopoolos
08:06 September 6, 2014

Aww that look he gives her during the ceremony!!! <3

10:48 September 6, 2014

Wonderful photos. I'm sure Josh and Rebecca will cherish these for a lifetime.

Justin R
00:22 September 7, 2014

Beautiful wedding and great storytelling!

07:29 September 7, 2014

Amazing wedding... and top class photography - pretty much perfect...

13:59 September 7, 2014

Beautiful wedding! I love that last photo!

23:00 September 21, 2014

Lovely work amigo!

19:47 December 31, 2014

Beautiful work! You are an amazing storyteller :)

Verity Sansom
23:17 February 6, 2015

Wow! What an amazing year, every photograph is beautiful, cannot wait to see what you get up to this year!

23:17 April 17, 2015

Very nice photography. Keep up the good work:)


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