sharlette & toby | stones of the yarra valley wedding


Sharlette & Toby got married on a perfectly lovely autumn’s day, at Stones Of The Yarra – in the Yarra Valley, natch. I was there, to document it for them. To shoot moments of laughter and frivolity. To record the way they feel for each other. To capture their day as they drank champagne and danced out onto the deck.

Want to know a secret?

Sometimes, this is the easiest job in the world.
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therese winberg
22:27 June 15, 2015

love your work! the compositions is aces

Luke Hayden
22:09 June 16, 2015

Lovely wedding & captured beautifully.

04:55 June 19, 2015

This is absolutely gorgeous. Love the in-between moments you got and the golden lighting is a dream!

05:08 June 19, 2015

The light, the colors, the compositions... you are so good, seriously.

08:20 June 19, 2015

You always rock that light - congrats to Sharlette & Toby, stunning day!

Darren Gair
18:02 June 19, 2015

Simply stunning throughout. Such good coverage, great job.

Mark Pacura
02:27 June 20, 2015

Fantastic work, great use of the light.

Albert Palmer
03:34 June 20, 2015

Completely stunning - I'm just jealous I didn't get to shoot it! You did an amazing job. As James says, flawless.

Jessica Schilling
09:09 June 20, 2015

So awesome! Gorgeous couple, beautiful setting, perfectly captured.

Teresa K
15:26 June 25, 2015

Oh how absolutely lovely!! What a fantastic set of images. So well done!!

Joseph Delgado
00:21 June 26, 2015

I love everything about this wedding. You did a wonderful job capturing the event, but also a great job highlighting the couple, they look beautiful.

Paul Krol
06:26 June 27, 2015

Beautiful photography - loved those portraits a lot.

Heather Kanillopoolos
11:52 June 30, 2015

LOVE those shots of them exiting the ceremony!!

Jacqueline Elizabeth
11:58 June 30, 2015

Is this real life? These photos and locations are so insanely beautiful.

07:35 July 8, 2015

Perfection. Love everything about this.

18:12 July 11, 2015

Lovely work!

Gavin Farrington
06:45 July 15, 2015

This bride has the most gorgeous smile. Beautiful work, Darin. They must be thrilled with these.

12:22 July 24, 2015

love the way you see. so many good frames here, i wish i could list them all, but i really have to point this one out... ... JUST BEAUTIFUL.

13:34 July 31, 2015

Darrin, I don't think this wedding could be any more perfectly captured. That b&w of them in the vineyard? LOVE.

06:59 August 6, 2015

Your works is such a beautiful mixture of great portrait work, great captures of real & beautiful emotions and I love it. So timeless and awesome.


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